Our 2017 Creede Chute Out residency has come to an end.

What a great six weeks we have had in Creede, CO at the Creede Chute Out series.

This was the 4th year of the Creede Chute Out series and once again Dynamic Productions LIVE was honored to be a part of this fast growing event.

When the event was started four years ago we had a flatbed trailer with a make shift shelter for us to run front of house sound from, all of the panels and bucking chutes were rented, and we had to have generators for power.

Today we have a beautiful two story announcer stand, the committee owns all the panels and bucking chutes and we have dedicated power.  This event has grown tremendously the last four years and shows no sign of stopping.

The Creede Chute Out is one of two six week residencies we have the other residency being the Pagosa Night Rodeo in Pagosa Springs, CO.  Most rodeos are two or three day events.  The reason being that they take a lot of work to put on and people usually plan all of their activities around them i.e(family reunions, class reunions, etc.)  In order fro residencies to work you have to have a good crowd every performance.  Most of the residencies you see from major touring acts happen in places like Las Vegas, NV or other big cities that have high tourist traffic.  What makes Creede, CO and Pagosa Springs, CO unique is they are small towns high in the Colorado Rockies and we still manage to fill the grandstands year after year.

Tonight’s performance (July 26, 2017) started out with a lot of rain and lightning but our loyal fans still showed up.  We gave them our all we left nothing back.  At the end of the night our entire team was drained but we all had smiles on our face as we took our final bow for this year in Creede.  Tomorrow night (July 27, 2017) we will finish the Pagosa Night Rodeo series then it will be the down hill run to our 2017 Take It To The Limit Tour.

To all of our friends that made it to Creede and Pagosa,  THANK YOU!  You make it fun for us.  We look forward to seeing our friends on the last leg of the tour.

From the final performance of the Creede Chute Out in Creede, CO…..

Good night America