Dynamic Productions LIVE is a premiere producer of rodeos and concerts across the nation. We specialize in every aspect of producing live events.

We Produce Once in a Lifetime Events from action packed rodeos to spectacular live concerts Dynamic Productions LIVE delivers perfectly execution of live events.

We are your partner Dynamic Productions LIVE approaches each event with a “WE” meaning you and us mentality. CAN’T is not in our vocabulary.  We STAND by what we promise. Our team is dedicated to your events success.

WE GET IT. Our team has been in your shoes before. Our team are all accomplished professionals in the event industry.  Our core team has been together since 2005.

Different. We believe that no matter the size of your event it should be produced like it is going to attract a crowd of a 100,000 people. Let us help make your life easy. Give us a call today to see for your self. (719) 580-5644 Monday – Saturday 7am to 8pm Mountain Time.

Dynamic Productions LIVE

Provides complete event production.




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