Concert Production

Concert Production has two forms.

From a 90,000 seat stadium to a honky-tonk we have you covered.  We can provide lighting, sound, video and production services to make your show shine.  We will travel where ever the show may be to help you give your fans one wild night!

Concert Production for a Concert Promoter:

If you are a club, fair, festival, rodeo committee or club hiring a band to play at your event a lot of times all you are getting when you book the artist is the artist and their instruments.  Things like sound, lighting, staging and video are not included.  In comes the Concert Producer.  The producer will arrange the sound, lighting, staging and video to be set up and ready for show time.  The producer will work with you the promoter and the artist management to make sure the show starts on time.  A concert producer is an absolute must for any concert.

Concert Production for a band going on tour:

Behind every great band is a concert production company.  Most artists can remember starting out hauling all the the sound equipment, instruments and band members in a cramped van or car from gig to gig.  A concert production company can handle all of that for you.  They will help you decide on a stage design and then make sure that all of the elements that make a extraordinary experience come together night after night.  They will also provide a producer to make sure all the logistics of getting the gear from show to show happens with out a glitch.

Dynamic Productions LIVE can be there for you give us a call and sit back and enjoy the show! (719) 580-5644 Monday – Saturday 7am-8pm Mountain Time.


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