Rodeo Production

Rodeos have become big business.  Rodeos are currently ranked number 7 in the top 10 extreme sports.  That’s great news for IMG_1515rodeo committees, because it means that more people are attending rodeos.  It also means that committees have to spend more time thinking about how to keep their rodeo new and exciting year after year.  That’s where we come in.  Working with your rodeo committee we can create a once in a lifetime experience that will make your rodeo stand out and make it one that people plan on attending year after year.

When we talk about our production capabilities the word CAN’T is not allowed.  There is no limit to what we can do to help you wow and audience.

We have taken a bare desert plateau and turned it into a first rate rodeo arena for four days of awesome Pro Rodeo.  We have taken new rodeos struggling to make it and turned them into highly anticipated yearly events. WE DON’T CARE WHAT THE MISSION IS, WE’LL GET IT DONE AND WE’LL GET IT DONE RIGHT AND ON TIME!

Our team has decades of experience in rodeo. Our team has been competitors in rodeo and now are some of the best pick-up men, judges, secretaries, timers, and producers in the industry. We deliver a worry-free and seamless final production by taking the complexity out of the process for you. We make the experience of getting to the day of the event as enjoyable as the show its self.

Designing and managing all the production elements required to support and stage rodeos takes know-how and experience, and we have both. Gone are the days of just having a rodeo. People want to see an amazing show and have a great time. Let us help you give them one.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your rodeo.  No matter where it is at in the country call us now. (719) 580-5644 Monday – Saturday 7am to 8pm Mountain Time.


Rodeo Services:

Full rodeo production:

This is our best selling package.  We will provide sound, lighting, video and rodeo production services for your rodeo. From the day you book us we will be in constant contact with your committee helping you get ready for your rodeo.  We will be available to answer your questions and give you advice about how to make your rodeo stand out among other rodeos. (You do not have to have lighting and video.)

Rodeo Producer:

We will produce your rodeo for you.  We will make sure that the little details that make big differences are taken care of so your rodeo will go on with out a glitch.

Rodeo Sound:

We will provide a quality sound system complete with pre rodeo, event and post rodeo music.



Q. What is rodeo production?

A. Rodeo production simply put is everything that happens during the rodeo.  It involves setting up the arena, managing vendors, handling ticket sales, making sure the rodeo starts on time and runs on schedule.

Q. What is a rodeo committee?

A.  A rodeo committee is the organization that is responsible for deciding where, when and how the rodeo will happen.  The committee is usually made up of people from the community that enjoy the sport of rodeo. The committee is responsible for filling out the franchise application (if you are going to have a pro rodeo), selling sponsorship’s to pay for the rodeo, booking the venue where the rodeo will take place, hiring the stock contractor, advertising the rodeo etc.  Really everything that happens at the rodeo is decided on by the rodeo committee.

Q.  What is a rodeo producer?

A.  A rodeo producer is someone who helps the rodeo committee run the rodeo.  If you read the above section “What is a rodeo committee” you seen a small list off what the rodeo committee is responsible for.  No matter how many people you have on your committee you can’t be everywhere to deal with all of the issues big and small that will come up during the rodeo.  The rodeo producer is there to make sure that the rodeo will start on time, will run on schedule and handle any issues that my arise in the arena during the rodeo.  A rodeo producer should not take control away from the committee but should step in when things start getting off track.  A good rodeo producer is going to be in constant contact with you from the day you hire them till after your After Action Review (AAR).  A good rodeo producer want’s your rodeo to be the best there is no matter if there is 5 or 50,000 people in the stands. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions about what services the rodeo producer will provide your committee before you hire them.

Q.  Is a stock contractor a rodeo producer?

A.  Yes and No.  A good stock contractor is going to make sure that the rodeo starts and runs on time.  However some stock contractors only care about show days meaning that after you hire them you won’t hear from them again until the day of the rodeo and won’t hear anything from them after the rodeo is over.  They care about getting hired for the rodeo and not much else.  Not all stock contractors are like this but I have seen my fair share so make sure before you hire a stock contractor you ask a lot of questions.

Q.  My stock contractor said “we don’t need a rodeo producer” do we?

A.  It depends.  Ask yourself these questions: “Are you happy with the direction your rodeo is going?” “Do you feel your stock contractor has your rodeos best interest in mind?” “Do you feel that your committee is handling all of their responsibilities in the arena?”  If you answered yes to all of these questions then you might not need a rodeo producer.  If you answered no to just one of these questions you might need a rodeo producer.  Either way you should call and talk to a rodeo producer.

Dynamic Productions LIVE never charges for a consultation.  We love to produce rodeos but everyone on our team has been a member of a rodeo committee so we don’t believe in trying to sell you something you don’t need because we know that money is always tight. Give us a call today and ask as many questions as you would like.  We will spend as much time on the phone with you as you need to help you make an informed decision. (719) 580-5644 Monday – Saturday 7am-8pm Mountain Time.


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